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Pre-Conference Workshops

Workplace Investigations

Drake Maynard, DMHR Services, LLC

Achieving Star Performance Through Performance Coaching

Sandie Bateman, JER HR Group

Tips for Effective Teambuilding

David Moff, JER HR Group

Graham Dail, JER HR Group

Keynote Speaker: FISH! Catch the Energy

FISH Conversation Cards

FISH Survey

Now is a good time to keep the energy high by giving folks a chance to “opt in” on a FISH! Team. Here are some sample survey questions:

We are so glad you could BE THERE! for our FISH! Philosophy conversation! We’re curious...


What are your creative ideas for bringing fun and delight into the workplace?


How have you made a positive difference in a coworker’s experience?


What is your favorite attitude to bring to work, and what happens when you do?


Which is your favorite practice? If you were going to be part of a FISH! Team, which practice would you choose?

Here are a few articles featuring FISH!, recently published on LinkedIn Pulse:

Be Perfect? Be You. 10 Fave Quotes on Authenticity

Your Brain on Happy - Neurotransmitters and the FISH! Philosophy

Choose Your Attitude – Four Steps to Ditch the Drama

Concurrent Sessions

How to Deal with the Coming Changes to FLSA Regulations 

Drake Maynard, DMHR Services, LLC

ACA and Benefits Compliance for 2016 & Beyond

David C. Smith, EbenConcepts Company

Salary Surveys:  How to Swim, Not Sink!

Becky Veazey, MAPS Group

Participate…Change…Save. A case study of wellness programs that work

Matt McQuide, USI

General Sessions

NCACC/NCLM Legislative Update

Hugh Jonnson, NC Association of County Commissioners

Hartwell Wright, NC League of Municipalities

Active Shooter – What You Can Do

Sgt. Warren Kennedy, Retired

Congratulations to 

NC-IPMA's 2016 Recognition and Awards Recipients!

Recognition Award

Town of Chapel Hill Human Resource Development Department

In recognition of achieving high standards in workplace communication and employee relations with an innovative and creative dispute resolution program.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Frances Russell, Town of Chapel Hill, Director of Human Resource Development

In recognition of her significant accomplishments in Public Human Resources Management and for her time and dedication to Public Service.

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